Dennis Cuneo

D.C. Strategic Advisors, Fisher & Phillips

Denis Cuneo heads his own management consulting firm, D.C. Strategic Advisors, and is also a partner in Fisher & Phillips, a national labor law firm. With a wide range of interests and expertise, Cuneo has built a successful career solving a variety of business challenges, with a focus on legal challenges, public policy, economic development, and human resources/labor relations.

Cuneo’s professional experience includes senior vice president of Toyota Manufacturing North America where he played a key role in the expansion of Toyota’s automotive manufacturing operations into North America and Arent Fox, a prominent Washington D.C. law firm.

Cuneo serves on the boards of two Fortune 500 companies, a privately held engineering and construction firm, an auto industry think tank, and academic institutions. He also serves as an advisor to several high-tech companies.

Cuneo received a Juris Doctor from the Loyola University School of Law in New Orleans.