Minor or Emphasis in Manufacturing

Replicates the Real Work World

Each fall, CME brings together a select group of 60 diverse students from various majors in a collaborative learning experience designed to replicate the real work world of modern manufacturing. Beginning as freshmen, and continuing throughout their CME education, our students learn the manufacturing processes needed to take an idea from concept to production to market.

With a job placement rate at or near 100%, CME graduates leave the program with the academic knowledge, hands-on experience and industry know-how needed to be valuable and contributing employees on the first day of hire.

Through the Lens of Manufacturing

CME students learn accountancy, business, and engineering principles through the lens of manufacturing. Our instruction team possesses more than 300 years of combined manufacturing experience and are committed to preparing students for successful careers in modern manufacturing.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Located within the CME facility is our 12,000-square-foot manufacturing floor, where students gain hands-on experience as they learn the basics of wood, metal, plastic and carbon fiber composite processing and finishing. Students also learn the importance of safety in the industrial environment, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and the value of collaboration and teamwork in the manufacturing process.

CME students participate in internships and semester-long co-ops, as well as teamwork assignments that include lean manufacturing and problem-solving projects held on-site at manufacturing facilities. These activities add valuable workplace skills and life experience to students’ resumes and prepare them to be successful young professionals