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Manufacturing Materials

Students in the CME are exposed to many modern materials as well as classic materials.  It is our belief that engineers, business people, and accountants all benefit by knowing as much as possible about the raw inputs used to create final products.  All of our students are required to work with the following materials and processes.

Sheet Metal Working

  • Materials: stainless steel sheet metal
  • Processes: bending, shearing, etching/engraving
  • Equipment: press break, foot shear, hydraulic shear, Epilog laser etcher/engraver

Milling, Drilling and Turning

  • Materials: aluminum plate and high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Processes: CNS milling, drilling, sawing, tapping, sandblasting, anodizing and turning
  • Equipment: Bridgeport milling machine, drill press, horizontal band saw, vertical band saw, lathe, tap and sandblaster

CNC Milling

  • Materials: aluminum plate, high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Processes: CNC machine code generation, CNC milling, CNC turning
  • Equipment: 5-axis Toyoda mill and CNC Lathe


  • Materials: red oak
  • Processes: cutting, routing drilling, sanding, etching/engraving
  • Equipment: planer, table saw, compound miter saw, radial arm saw, router, drill press, handheld sander, Epilog laser etcher/engraver

Rapid Prototyping

  • Materials: ABS plastic, PLA plastic, photosensitive liquid polymer, plaster powder
  • Processes: fused deposition modeling (FDM), Object/Polyjet printing, stereolithography (SLA)
  • Equipment: Fortus 450 MC, FlashForge, Objet 260 Connex 3, Formlabs Form 1, CubeX 3 Head

Mold Design and Creation

  • Materials: green sand and silicone
  • Processes: hand packing green sand mold and two part silicone mold
  • Equipment: sand muller, two part flasks, tamping equipment

Plastic Casting

  • Materials: two-part castable polyurethane
  • Processes: mixing, pouring, and de-molding cast parts
  • Equipment: silicone molds and electronic scales


  • Materials: steel plate
  • Processes: welding, punching, and shearing
  • Equipment: MIG welder and Scotchman iron worker

Composites Manufacturing

  • Materials: graphite/epoxy woven prepreg
  • Processes: hand lay up, abrasive water jet cutting, and punching
  • Equipment: Eastman cutting table, walk-in curing oven, water jet cutter, and Scotchman iron worker

Sheet Routing

  • Materials: Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and plywood
  • Processes: CNC routing, cutting, finishing
  • Equipment: CNC 3-axis sheet router and table saw


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