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CME Classrooms

The Center for Manufacturing Excellence was built with three traditional style classrooms.  Our definition of traditional is a classroom where students sit in a class and learn from a teacher in the front of the class.  However, we also have two discussion and project style classrooms that are designed for round-table coaching and learning.  Our biggest classroom is our factory floor with over 12,000 square feet of learning and working space.  And finally, not all of your classes will be taught on campus.  You will not only visit and tour working manufacturing facilities; but also, you will work with industry professionals to improve processes on live factory lines.

CME Classroom 107 used for Long Distance Learning
CME Classroom 107 used for Long Distance Learning

The largest of our traditional classrooms, room 107,  is a tiered long-distance classroom.  This class sits 50 students but allows students from anywhere to join into the class discussion.  An instructor or coach could also be located anywhere and still be able to lead the classroom activity.  To support the remote learning abilities the room is outfitted with multiple ceiling mounted cameras, microphones, and LCD displays.  Like every classroom in the CME there is a high definition projector system also.

CME Classroom 111 is the Philips Lighting Classroom
CME Classroom 111 is the Philips Lighting Classroom

The CME has partnered with Philips lighting on a research project that attempts to determine the affects of the color temperature of light on the classroom environment.  Classroom 111 is equipped with hand built lighting that allows the instructor to change the feel of the room.  As you can see from the image to the right, the color changes can seem somewhat dramatic.  However, after a few seconds eyes adjust and the mood in the room changes.  You can also see the dual high definition projectors located in this classroom.  Classroom 110 is identical to room 111 in every way except for the lighting.


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